Different Ways To Treat Herpes



Herpes or herpes simplex virus is a sexually transmitted infection. There are a lot of people in the USA who are infected with this virus. There is no cure to this infection yet, but there are a lot of ways to treat and manage this. If you are infected with this virus, it is important that you know how to treat it. Continue reading this post to know how to treat herpes.


As soon as you have been diagnosed with herpes, it is important to consult your doctor about your medical strength options for treatment.  You should also know what treatments will do for you. These treatments will help you heal sores more effectively, minimize the duration of the outbreaks, reduce the chances of outbreak recurrences, and minimize the chance of spreading herpes. You can also take antiviral drugs like Acyclovir, Famciclovir, and Valacyclovir. When taking antiviral drugs, you should make sure that it is prescribed by your doctor.


Doctors don’t always recommend patients to take antiviral drugs to treat herpes. You may soak the affected area in warm water. But then, if you’re not soaking, keep the affected area dry. You can also wear loose and breathable underwear and clothing. Cotton underwear is the best for people who are suffering from this virus infection. And if your ulcers are very painful, you should ask your doctor to recommend topical anesthetic to apply to the affected areas. You can also apply an ointment containing propolis. Other complementary treatments that you can go for include the herb Prunella vulgaris as well as the mushroom Rozites caperata. These two have shown potential in fighting herpes.


Home remedies such as Echinacea can fight against colds as well as infections. You can also use baking soda in drying the sores. Baking sodas are a tested substance which can help dry out oozing or moist lesions which can help them disappear fast. Another home remedy that you can use is lysine in order to prevent outbreaks, since lysine is an essential amino acid which can do a number of things for the human body. Cool teabags and aloe vera cream are also effective remedies. Cool teabags can help manage the flare-ups and treat outbreaks while aloe vera cream can help treat lesions.


If none of the treatments above will work, you can go for preventive methods instead. You should understand that outbreaks occur during the times of stress, illness, and physical trauma. Taking good care of yourself will help prevent the outbreaks. You may also take part in stress relief activities to manage your emotional stress to help you avoid outbreaks. And when engaging in sex, always make use of latex condom to protect your partner. Lastly, you should also get enough sleep. If you keep your energy levels up by getting enough sleep, you will be able to avoid illness and you will be able to manage your emotional as well as physical stress.

These are 4 of the different ways for you to treat herpes. I hope the information provided in this article was able to help you.

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