What Is Herpes And What Does Herpes Look Like?

What does herpes look like?

As we know, herpes rashes are caused by a number of various viruses of Herpesviridae. They could appear on one part of the body only but there are some cases that they could be widespread, especially in cases of oral and genital herpes. But how do you know if it’s already herpes? What does herpes look like? For more information about herpes and how it looks like, continue reading this post.


Because many people keep on asking questions like, “what does herpes look like?” and “what are the symptoms of herpes?” it is just important for us to know what its features are. Generally, herpetic skin rashes appear as blisters that are filled with fluid on top of the red skin rashes. These blisters will then open and will release their fluid and eventually crust over.


What does herpes look like? How will you know if it’s already herpes? You will know if it’s herpes if the sores or the rashes on your skin are painful or itchy. They can also be accompanied by a feeling of tingling or burning in the area even before the skin rashes appear.


What does herpes look like? Where does herpes appear? Herpes can appear in different locations. In the case of oral herpes, they occur on or around the lips and in the surrounding parts of the face. In the case of genital herpes, they will appear on the genital parts, buttocks, anus, and on the thighs. Chicken pox will affect all parts of the body while shingles will occur on one side of the body only. Shingles will occur between the buttocks and the trunk. However, they can also occur in the face and on the head.

What does herpes look like? Where does herpes appear?


The first genital and oral herpes rashes are always the worst and there is a possibility that they will come back again. There are different ways to treat herpes. Once you are diagnosed of herpes, consult your doctor about the different medical strength treatment options. Your doctor should give you specific suggestions concerning which drugs as well as precautions that you should take to manage the symptoms. Because there is no cure yet, managing the symptoms is the best thing to do.

Aside from managing the symptoms, you should also know the best treatment. Knowing the right treatment will help you heal sores much quicker and more effectively. This will also help you reduce the duration and outbreak severity, reduce the possible recurrence of the herpes outbreaks, and minimize the chance of spreading it to any sexual partner.

What does herpes look like on a man

What does herpes look like on a man

Taking antiviral drugs can also help lessen the number of herpes outbreaks because it reduces viral shedding. When you take antiviral drugs like acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir, make sure that you are recommended by your doctor. Also, you should know your treatment options when taking antiviral drugs.

Herpes is not just a small problem, thus, knowing things about herpes and how to identify it is very important. I hope this article was able to answer questions like “what is herpes?” and “what does herpes look like?”

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Common Herpes Symptoms In Men And How To Identify Them

Herpes symptoms in men

Herpes symptoms in men differ among those who are infected with HSV-2 virus causing genital herpes ranging from obvious signs of infections to symptoms that are mild that can cause people to overlook them. Generally, 3 out of 5 men who are infected with HSV-2 are not aware of the condition. Many infected men only discover that they are carrying the HSV-2 herpes virus right after they have experienced an early outbreak of sores and blisters on the genitals. This outbreak usually occurs 2 to 20 days after being exposed to the virus through sex. This is because the herpes symptoms in men are not that detectable and most of them are.

Below are some of the overlooked symptoms that one can experience during the early herpes outbreak. Continue reading this post if you’re interested.

  • Itching, irritation, tingling and burning sensations on or around the genital area, groin, buttocks, and thighs.
  • Sudden onset of symptoms which are similar to flu. These symptoms include headache, chills, fatigue, and fever.
  • Burning or itching sensations in the urethra when urinating.
  • Soreness and swelling in the lymph nodes
  • Muscle aches and pains in the groin as well as lower back.

When these herpes symptoms in men appear within a number of days of sexual intercourse, this could mean that the HSV-2 virus has invaded the person’s immune system and that it’s embedding itself near the clusters of infection sites. For those who have already experienced outbreaks of sores and blisters, these symptoms can indicate a warning of a new outbreak. However, for those who haven’t experienced sores and blisters outbreak, these symptoms are just an indication of infection.

Herpes symptoms in men

If you or any of your friends are experiencing these symptoms, it is very important that you or your friends consult a doctor as soon as possible. The virus which causes the genital herpes is contagious and it can increase the body’s vulnerability to other diseases that can be transmitted sexually. There is no cure to HSV-2 virus yet but there are effective methods or treatments available which can greatly help reduce the severity and the duration of the herpes outbreaks.

Herpes symptoms in men do not only provide physical discomfort but they also provide emotional issues for those who are experiencing them. Thus, early detection as well as treatment for HSV-2 infection is very important to those carrying the virus and to their family members. Many people transmit herpes through sexual contact without them knowing it. For this reason, it’s just right to know the herpes symptoms in men, the risk factors as well as the necessary steps that should be followed in order to prevent spreading this lifelong infection.

Herpes symptoms in men

early signs of herpes

These are the basic things that one should know about herpes and their symptoms. With knowledge, we will be able to prevent the spread of this infection. If you want to know more about herpes, just open your web browser and look for medical discussions about herpes via the internet and look for other ways to treat herpes.

Herpes symptoms in men and What does herpes look like on a man


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What Does Herpes Look Like On A Man?

What does herpes look like on a man

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted viral infection that can affect the skin and even the mucous membranes of the genitals. There was a study that showed 4 out of 5 American men are infected with herpes without them knowing it. They are unaware that they are already spreading the virus to other people. And that’s because the symptoms of herpes aren’t harmful enough for one to be worried about. Because of this risk, it is important for every one of us to know what herpes is. What does herpes look like on a man? Continue reading this article to understand more.

Genital herpes is caused by two viruses—HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 or Herpes simplex type 1 is the one that causes infections on the mouth as well as on the lips. The HSV-1 is commonly called fever blisters or cold sores and this can spread from the mouth to the genitals during oral sex. HSV-2 or Herpes simplex type 2 is the one that causes most genital herpes cases. This type of herpes can be spread through the secretion from the mouth or from the genitals.

Herpes simplex virus or HSV can be spread from one person to another person during a sexual intercourse. You can be infected with herpes if your genitals, skin, or mouth gets into contact with someone who has herpes.

Now that we know the basic facts about herpes, the next thing that we should know is how to identify herpes. What does herpes look like on a man?

Herpes begins as painful scratches or lesions which are usually small and watery sores that are bunched in clusters. The blisters will eventually rupture and then form ulcers. They will then crust and heal without creating scars. To answer the question, “what does herpes look like on a man”, below is a per stage description of what herpes looks like on men.

What does herpes look like on a man


What does herpes look like on a man during the first stage? About one or two days before the herpes outbreak, herpes prodrome will appear which causes the itching and tingling feeling in the genital area.


Skin lesions will start to appear as small red spots. They are most often mistaken for ingrown hairs, pimples, or insect bites. This is the reason why most people who have herpes are not aware that they are already infected. In the first outbreak, blisters and bumps will appear in clusters on one or both sides of the body.


2 or 3 days after the bumps have appeared, crusts and ulcers will appear. The crusts are crusty, yellowish scabs and they are usually seen on skin lesions. Lesions on the mucous membranes, however, do not crust, thus, resulting in pink craters called ulcers. Both crusts and ulcers are itchy and painful.

What does herpes look like on a man

herpes symptoms


After the crusts and ulcers appear, they will start to heal. Healing may take 6 weeks and it won’t guarantee that the herpes infection is gone for good.

I hope this per stage explanation was able to answer the question “what does herpes look like on a man?” and I hope this article was able to enlighten you about things related to herpes.

What does herpes look like on a man during its first appearance?


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